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Berlin is Germany’s biggest job market. Each year, international talents move to Berlin in their tens of thousands. 176,000 students hone their skills here, and 30,000 graduates enter the job market annually. What’s more, average salaries are up to 15% lower than in the western part of Germany.

We will apply our Business Talent Package to assisting your search for qualified personnel and handling training, qualification and residence permit issues within the scope of your investment project. You will receive individual consulting and support from a single source, free of charge.

Our Service

Welcome to Berlin

  • Your new employees can take part in a welcome tour that goes well beyond sightseeing to become familiar with Berlin – the city worth living in.
  • You will receive a handy welcome package with useful information for employees who are new to Berlin.

Flyer "Welcome to Berlin Tour" for download.


  • Market overview: We will pass on your employment request to our Berlin HR Network. Within 48 hours, you will receive our evaluation: which salary range is realistic, what recruitment period you can expect, and more. We will also tell you whether any candidates are already available.
  • Applicant management: If you don’t have an office or employees in Berlin yet, we will assist you in organizing and conducting your first interviews.
  • Berlin Job Board Post your vacant positions on the job board free of charge. We will bring them to the attention of professionals in Germany and abroad.
  • We assist you in creating a help wanted ad and developing your recruitment strategy for the Berlin market.
  • HR Network: You will receive Berlin-specific information on selected events, participation in joint stands at national and international recruitment fairs, and profiles of professionals from location development projects or unsolicited applications for Berlin. You can also participate in events for professionals.

Personnel development | Qualification | Funding

  • We continuously update an overview of funding instruments and special offers for your personnel development in Berlin. We summarize funding instruments on the EU, federal and state levels, and examine their applicability for your company.
  • We consult, guide and assist you in initiating and applying for (funded) qualification programs.
  • We coordinate funded training measures for introducing new employees to your company.
  • We connect you with funding institutions, experts and training service providers.
  • We initiate and support special projects (e.g. Call Center Recruiting Packages).
  • Qualification for the electromobility future industry: We coordinate academic and professional continuing education programs, plan special events and develop targeted projects.

Institutions of higher education | Research | Science

  • The science portal allows you to navigate the science and university landscape in Berlin – with information and events.
  • Our access to university departments and institutions helps you address students and graduates directly and facilitates your participation in recruitment events at institutions of higher education.
  • An online cooperation platform connects scientists with companies in the field of research and development (R&D).
  • With the Germany Scholarship, you can support tomorrow’s top employees.

BIS - Business Immigration Service

  • Document review and appointment service: We review applications and documents prior to their submission and provide useful information and tips.
  • We arrange appointments with the Employer Service of the Berlin Foreigners' Registration Office. 
  • We author statements on the economic necessity of the vacant positions for the authorities.

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